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Here are just a few of the books published by Tadros Publishing! Hopefully, yours will be next!

And Yet - Bruno Tabbal


In summer 2008, when Bruno takes a short holiday and goes camping somewhere remote on the Lebanese mountain to mourn a fresh break-up, he is forced to sit with himself and face some haunting personal issues...
A few months afterwards, in winter in Beirut, he is still struggling to clean his system from the traumatizing and life-altering experience of his participation in the middle eastern version of a singing reality-TV competition show back in 2004...
Throughout the seasons and bit by bit, layers of intimate poetry and philosophy are unfolding out of a mid-thirties crisis on a background of complex Lebanese and often stiff mentalities. Could this trip within be the ultimate salvation and key to self-fulfillment, both personally and professionally?

Carminum Cantus - Utsav Basu

A collection of inspirational poems by young Indian poet Utsav Basu.

A Promise Made is a Promise Kept - Amara Magomola


Marshall, a recovering addict, is engaged to Nia and suddenly decides that he isn’t convinced he should marry her anymore. Kelsey, Marshall’s sponsor and close friend, feels threatened about the loss of sanity when he also discovers that Marshall has not only been drinking but has had a one-night stand with one of his clients. Between the crazy threatening letters from the client, the affair that Marshall is having with Karryn, the relapse, and the peculiar behavior that he shows Kelsey a story of deceit and dishonesty unravels. Kelsey feels responsible to honor the confidence that he has with Marshall, yet he wants to stop the madness from getting worse but can only watch a perfectly fixable situation turn into an irreversible misery.

PHOENIX - Tarek Yared

The world has changed. Music has disappeared. Misery has surfaced. Only one boy can change it. He, and only he, can save the world from a bitter dictatorship. His name? Phoenix.

7 Secrets to Get your Prayers Answered - Charbel Tadros

The 7 secrets are scientific methods proven through Quantum Physics and modern psychology. They allow absolutely anyone to effectively influence and control reality through the power of the mind. The book itself is intentionally small and written in a language which is easily understandable by a ten year old to make it accessible to everyone.


Aboard the S.S. Vanish- Charbel Tadros


Cassiel (Cass) and Kerubiel (Keru) are two young angels undergoing training in heaven. However, they couldn’t wait much longer to be given a mission by the archangels, so they sneak out of heaven and get one on their own. They would explore the mysterious disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle. Can what awaits the Heaven’s Rascals be more than they could handle?

The Divine Diaries- Charbel Tadros


Dear Humans of Planet Earth,
Throughout your entire history, you have been trying to explain me. In countless ways, you tried to prove - or disprove - my existence. I finally decided to explain it to you myself.
The Universe

Upon an Egret's Wings- Gideon Cecil


In a heartwarming and touching poetry collection, poet-author Gideon Cecil demonstrates his acute poetic skill of profound excellence and clarity. With a myriad of topics that speak of love, beauty of nature, God's love, faith, philosophy, life, romance, everyday activities, and so much more, readers will find this a mesmerizing poetic journey. His unique literary style and writing prowess reminds readers of Shakespeare, Tagore, Dante and Gibran. Cecil's humor, emotional depth and sophistication make his verses and words even more captivating.

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